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Geschreven door Wichard Noppert   
donderdag 16 april 2009 20:12

Howto:  Twitter search as an information source in Sugar- of SuiteCRM

On the Twitter Search site

  • Goto
  • Switch on/to  advanced search
  • Choose your keywords /  hashtags / exclude whatever you want to search and monitor
  • Choose the language
  • If needed limit the area you want the Twitter users to come from, e.g 100 kilometers around your zipcode
  • Click search
  • Copy the url from the browser address bar to your clipboard


Example: Search for  tweets on SugarCRM within 500 miles from San Francisco :

In SugarCRM

  • Goto tab, my portal.
  • Add a new site
  • Paste the url you copied from the Twitter Search page
  • Name the page
  • Choose a short name, this will also be the name for your Tab in Sugar.
  • Set if this is a personal or global page
  • Click save


Voila,Now you have a tab in sugarCRM on the subject you wish to follow. Twitter even groups the tweets conveniently in conversations where possible.

Twitter search on SugarCRM within 500 miles of San Francisco


Twitter search in SugarCRM


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